A Toast to the Stagehands

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July 7, 2016
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July 13, 2016

A Toast to the Stagehands

A Toast to the Stagehands is a brilliant video we recently stumbled upon courtesy of our friend Steven Jordan. It’s well worth the few minutes to watch, whether you’re in the business or not.

For best results, you should be listening to Jackson Browne’s album Running on Empty. Here’s a sample. Let it play in the background and read on.

Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit are musicians and spoken word artists. I had not heard of them until this video.

Few musicians can claim on-the roadisms the way Chris Chandler can. He is a true veteran of the road, traveling across The United States of Generica for many years. His anthology of road tales transforms into a flock of doves beneath the musical high-wire act.

Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia Chris has been on or around the stage his whole life. As a teen-ager he was in the bars and on the road working as a roadie for bands like the Georgia Satellites.

He can often be found him at demonstrations and protests – large and small, across the US and Canada. 

His experience as a street performer and rabble rouser shine through every performance making him a welcome addition to festivals, carnivals, hay rides and riots, or where ever the rabble need to be roused.

This is not performance art – like the clichés of Hollywood would imply. His work is steeped in the centuries of tradition that define theater, the art form of storytelling.

In any vent, we like the broad stroke of the term stagehand. On one hand, stagehand is a specific job, on the other, all of us that toil in the back ground are stagehands. Producers, designers, costumers, hair and make-up artists, carpenters, electricians, scenic artists,  technicians of all types, the list goes on.

Here are just a few glimpses into our world.

Here’s another visit with some working stagehands, from the 1960s.

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