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February 6, 2014
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February 12, 2014

A Vectorworks Valentine

Here’s a simple 3D heart to help to sharpen your Vectorworks skills and create a little something for your Valentine. Bonus – NURBS are such sexy little devils ;))

This is a repost from February 2013. Kevin used Vectorworks 2013 to model this 3D heart.

This is a Quickie for Valentine’s Day. A simple 3D heart.

First I drew some simple 2D primitives, which I then converted to NURBS (Modify>Convert>Convert to NURBS). The vertical line is a simple line. The curved profile was drawn with the Polyline tool. The heart was drawn as one half and mirrored for symmetry. I then used the Fillet Tool to soften the point.

The basic rules of creating a NURBS surface with profile and rail are:

Begin with making the axis, rail and profile out of NURBS curves. They do not have to be drawn with the NURBS Tools, as I said, simple primitives can be converted to NURBS.

I drew the half heart in a right isometric view, working off of the 0-0 point on the page. I mirrored off of the 0-0 point and converted to NURBS.

I rotated the working plane to draw the vertical line and converted.

I drew the curved Profile in a Front View and converted.

So, NOTE the rules:

● The axis must be a linear NURBS curve
● The profile must be a planar NURBS curve
● The profile cannot intersect the axis, though it can touch
● The axis must lie on the same plane as the profile
● The rail must be a planar NURBS curve that lies on a plane perpendicular to the plane containing the axis and profile Just like the illustration below.

I am going to use the Model>3D Power Pack>Revolve with Rail Command, so I have the heart shaped rail line, a vertical line, and the axis to determine height and the curved line for the profile. Invoking the command displays instructions in the Tool Bar near the top of the window. Three clicks, in the right order and voila!

Click the vertical line, it turns red, then the profile curve and it will turn red. Finally, clicking the heart shaped rail completes the model.

In the rendering, I’ve duplicated the heart so it is fully dimensional, given it a reflective, slightly transparent colored texture and added a couple of lights.

Of course, this is Vectorworks, this is one of many ways to reach a similar form.  There is a longer explanation of Revolve with Rail in Entertainment Design: Scenic, Lighting, and Sound with Vectorworks Spotlight 3rd. Edition 



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