…and the NYC High Line is done!

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September 17, 2014
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September 29, 2014

…and the NYC High Line is done!

14433On Sunday, the last day of Summer 2014, the final section of the New York City High Line Park opened to the public. We are building huggers, and we do love to see older structures find adaptive re-use in contemporary society. The High Line is a terrific project.

One more reason to go again, and spend one time. Fall will be perfect. Alternately, this one more reason to make a visit.

The full experience is now available, and the fashionistas are now gone.

FHL_MAP-1For those unfamiliar, the High Line was a raised railroad track that ran along the West Side of Manhattan. Long unused, the structure has been rehabilitated into a public park and garden.

Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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