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January 1, 2014
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January 15, 2014

At least it’s sunny today…

tom-fruin-watertower1Sunny, but too cold to enjoy this view in real life. We love water towers, they’re great set design elements, and the shadows compliment any lighting design. This one is different.

Watertower, is a  sculptural artwork by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin. For his Icon series, Fruin  created a monumental water tower sculpture in colorful salvaged plexiglas and steel. Watertower is mounted on a roof platform and is a part of the part of the DUMBO,  skyline in Brooklyn.


  1. Very cool. I was once asked to light a water tower in Austin so I designed a huge metal sculpture that was backlit with color-changing LEDs. Unfortunately the funds never materialized and it was never built. There are so many opportunities to beautify public spaces and water towers are a great place to start.