A Gift for any Designer


Gordon & MacPhail, a distillery in Scotland bills themselves as The world’s leading malt whiskey specialist. They are also, apparently,  highly skilled craftspeople, who have created a limited edition bottle and glasses for Generations Mortlach 75 Years Old whisky.

I haven’t had their drink, but I do want their bottle. Worst case, I can decant some of my buddy John Dewar’s elixir into the bottle. I could go one way or the other on the glasses.

The elegant teardrop shaped hand-blown crystal decanter, is an iconic feature of the Generations range of Gordon & MacPhail’s creations. The malt, from the Speyside Mortlach Distillery is aged 75 Years in a sherry cask, so there are 75 ribbon-like channels, hand-cut into the crystal, with each of the only 100 decanters numbered and sealed with an etched silver band.

The traditional craftsmanship is augmented with cutting edge technology – the final shape and contours of the glassware was reached through rapid prototyping, using a five axis CnC router. Those are cool machines, the whiskey must be worthy.

There is no price easily found, so I guess if you have to ask… Gordon & MacPhail can only deliver to a UK address, so if any our fans there are interested in gifting us, we will work out the final leg of the shipping.

We do give this gift our highest praise; it looks almost as good as if we had designed it.

Thanks to Contemporist for cluing us in…

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