Energy of Design

Ministry of Design has unveiled the Vanke Triple V Gallery in Tianjin, China. The soaring triangles remind me of the uplifting energy of parabolic roof lines prevalent in Mid Century Modern architecture, like this  Union 76 gas station roof I wrote about in my post on UltraModern Roadside Architecture of the mid  20th century. 

Design is energy expressed in ways that work for the project. Needs dictate, to a certain extent, the amount and type of energy that is expressed in a design. Energy can be futuristic and hopeful – Modernist or subtle and grounding – Craftsman.

This structure suits its purpose, as a gallery and visitor’s center for a developer, because it expresses the energy of creation. Now, I don’t know what this architect’s client creates, I’m usually cautious when I hear the word developer, as I think of junk like Hovnanian enclaves that appear like mold on our environmental landscape. I almost posted an example, but the sheer unadulterated ugly gave me the vapors – if I had pearls, I’d be clutching them right about now.

Enjoy this  bit of architecture porn – Brilliant, super sexy lighting is the awesome sauce on this plate of win.

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