Exquisite Design Inspires Timeless Elegance

Cars and Watches – these are a few of my favorite things…and this watch is gorgeous, I’d wear it and wear it and wear it, as I’ve always preferred men’s watches over the mostly twee timepieces made for women.  Automotive enthusiast and designer Marko Petrovic’s Mercedes 320 Tourbillion watch is an homage to the Mercedes Benz type 320, a cabriolet first introduced in 1937. Inspired by the instrument cluster of the 320, the Tourbillion exhibits the same meticulous attention to detail and overall elegance still found in the brand today. Another nod to the automotive influence are hours and minutes shown as miles or kilometers in a racing scale.


Here’s a close-up, love love love this wrist dash, and the dimensional Benz logo sitting atop a peak into the mechanism is money.


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