Retail as Theatre, Not Just Therapy

Window display (especially at this time of year) has always been seen as a form of theatre, still life theatre, but theatre, and set design, nonetheless. Retail spaces are also theatre. Retail interiors are set design with product placement as the stars. Interestingly, two blogs we follow touched on this concept today.

Staging, set design and (critically) lighting design all factor into the retail experience. It is what separates the diamond of an experience shopping in a fine store, likely an independent retailer, to the coal mining that occurs in a big box on the highway. We’ve been involved with the design of some specialty retail spaces. They have been exciting projects and it has proven fascinating to make many, possibly changing vignettes.

Eve Politanoff (from whom we borrowed the image above) posted today at What’s Up! about the historic Paris Replay Flagship Store on the rue Etienne Marcel. An early 19th century ceramics shop has has been completely renovated for fashion and lifestyle. The design and the space speak to the product. Eve has exquisite taste and finds great stuff to share. There are many images of this store on her site.

We give Replay our highest praise.

Also, coincidentally, today, Weburbanist posted of 14 Shockingly Stylish Stores–Radical Retail Design. Some terrific stuff here and from all around the world. Of course, Weburbanist has another example from Paris. How could they not? Each store different from every other and all completely different from Replay. Check them out and enjoy.

It is the retail time of year. We do support conspicuous consumption, especially if one consumes in high style.

Where do you like to shop? Or where would you rather shop?

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