Throwing away Montclair State University students’ money.

010915montclairsthawkDr. Susan Cole, university president, may have just as well taken the Montclair State University student’s money to Vegas, and lost. She certainly wouldn’t bother to lose locally. No, instead of even investing with one of the university’s graduates, Susan Cole commissioned work from a mascot factory.

Ironically, Montclair State University is known as an Arts School. Also, as a Business School. If you’d like further irony, check out the stats for the various university sports teams. Unimpressive.

Montclair State University students are not renown for their wealth. In fact, Montclair State University is a stepping stone towards the American Dream. Or it was. Tuition at $11k/year, plus fees, books, housing and expenses seems pretty steep. Maybe if the administration did not waste the occasional $210,000 on a statue, there might be more money to help students. I’m very much looking forward to the first graffiti.

Unimpressive Athletic records, unimpressive statue, impressive invoice. I think it is too late for a refund, but there should be payment from those responsible.

Dr. Cole should be removed. She has an impressive record of over building both administrators and architecture. She has an impressive record of poor design; while there is consistency in her design choices, she has no sense of scale, design, or community. Dr. Cole seems to believe in quantity of educations rather than quality of educations. She should be removed. Staff who supported this venture should be removed. Trustees who raised their hand to approve this misguided mission should step down.

The students of Montclair State University need Trustees, a president and administration who support their needs. Right now, they have none of that. Pity.

The students will have this terribly ugly statue, manufactured by a hack sculptor. Maybe they can get some of their money back if the university acts quickly.

Either way, Susan Cole will have her salary and pension.



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