#Vectorworks 2011 First Look and 12 in Top Ten

Well, I guess I know what my next few blog posts will be about… Hopefully we’ll break up these techno geeky fan-boy posts with some other items of Interest.

The annual upgrade to the Vectorworks Designer package is available today. This is an amazing upgrade package with features that are sure to benefit any user. We normally upgrade our tools and each year we find many improvements in the new release of the Vectorworks Designer package. This year there is an over abundance of new features and improved functionality.

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Nemetschek Vectorworks has posted a wealth of information online. We’ll set up some links here, but I don’t feel a need to reinvent the wheel online. Let me be sure to mention that this upgrade brings the application closer to becoming an immersive 3D working environment, speeding the creation of more accurate 2D drawings, with superior and faster presentations.

Without further adieu, here are the 12 items in my Top Ten New Features of Vectorworks Designer 2011. I told you the upgrade is packed with features.

Top 10 (in no particular order)

  1. Improved 3D tools and working environment, including text and dimensions.
  2. Push-Pull Tool
  3. Wall End Caps and Improved 3D Wall Components
  4. Slab Tool
  5. Cinema 4D Rendering Engine
  6. Improvements to Focus Point Objects and associated support for instrument focus
  7. Camera Viewports
  8. Quick Preferences
  9. Select Connected Objects
  10. Stepped Walls
  11. Improved Lightwright Data Exchange
  12. Automatic Lighting Position Sensing Preferences

OK, so there are also some nested items, nonetheless, I think my next few posts are clearly indicated. Stay Tuned.

For a preview, this year as last I wrote a Getting Started Guide to Vectorworks Spotlight 2011. Starting today, the printed version of my guide will ship with the application.

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