#Vectorworks 2014 for entertainment design. Whew! A slew of new gear! Videos galore!

And last, but certainly not least… Vectorworks 2014 packs many new features specifically for Entertainment Designers. What features you might ask, well…

  1. Lighting Device Improvements — The lighting device object has received a serious boost with features that are sure to make you more efficient. It’s no longer necessary to try to remember label names when assigning a label legend. Instead, use the new pop-up on the lighting device. See the full height of the beam clearly at the focus point. Freely mix your own information with the built-in information using customized data records. See the simulated color of multiple gel “sandwiches.”
  2. New Instrument Summary — Object Based on the original tool designed by Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design, enjoy the flexibility to efficiently create and format instrument and position summaries with this amazing new plug-in object.
  3. Select Focused Lighting Devices — Right-click on a focus point to select all the lighting devices assigned to the point.
  4. Lighting Pipe Objects — Nemetschek Vectorworks teamed up with Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design from our Vectorworks Developer Network to create new lighting pipe and lighting pipe ladder objects to bring you exciting new options and facilitate the creation of lighting positions.

Now for your Vectorworks porn enjoyment. If a picture paints 1,000 words, how many words does this video paint?

or this?

not done yet…

one more.

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