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April 11, 2016
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April 15, 2016

Context in design is critical

design with proper context

design with proper contextThis could be any neighborhood of any kind, but when designing a renovation or a new building, context in design is critical to the success of the design. In our mid-century neighborhood, height and sprawl define the character of the area. If someone wanted to add, or renovate, to include extreme height or massing, that dwelling would stand out in a negative way from the existing housing stock. Those kinds of changes are really apparent in neighborhoods of row houses.

Dutch design studio Lab-S renovated a 1930’s era row house in Utrecht to add a contemporary two story extension in harmony with the existing structure Additionally, an old extension at the back of the house has been replaced by a new version. The design of this new façade is inspired by the old rear façade, with large amount of window frames. Lab-S chose to keep the steel structure of the new extension in sight and add new steel window frames in the same color. The result is a robust and still slender look that lets natural light enter deep into the building.

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