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January 13, 2016
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January 19, 2016

Cool By Design?

Finding a great, inexpensive ethnic restaurant is cool, but is the actual place cool by restaurant design standards, or is it cool because it seems to be not designed? We’re designers, and like most of our contemporaries, we live and breathe design, so, when I see a post like the following, I can’t help but toss these questions around in my head. I also am passionate about almost all things food, except the childish terminology used by food writers. I cannot listen to people who call themselves “foodies” who found amazing “sammies”.

From the fabulous Messy Nessy (I’m linking to their amazing site, and you can click on it as long as you promise to continue to read this old blog 🙂

An actual “hole in the wall” place in Brooklyn that has no sign, no hours (the place opens when the food is ready) and no menu.

It’s a chicken speakeasy – the password is “swordfish”  – ba dum tss. All you really need is to be cool about it all, Papa will tell you what he’s got available when it’s ready, so if your wanderlust kicks in and you actually leave Manhattan, que up and try something other than the Jerk Chicken you probably already know. That, you can find almost anywhere, and it may or may not be available the day you visit.

Do you think adding some artfully designed graffity would increase foot traffic? Do you think Pappy would care?

 Brooklyn’s Hidden “Hole in the Wall” Restaurant Serving Up Home Cooked Caribbean


when we write hole in the wall, we mean it literally. There’s no name, no sign, no hours, no menu, no door to walk through. Just a rectangular cutout from a storefront grate, just by the intersection of Kingston Avenue and St. John’s Place, behind which a man from Jamaica is serving up delicious Caribbean food.


The owner, known as Papa, opens up when the food is ready. 

Cautiously approaching, we asked one of the guys out front if the place was open. He thought we were looking for the diner at the corner, and when we clarified that we wanted the food coming out of the hole, he joked, “Ah, you want the good food!”

























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