Have you ever wondered what a Foley Artist does?

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July 11, 2016
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July 15, 2016

Have you ever wondered what a Foley Artist does?

The fine folks at F-Stoppers posted this video by Feast Films about Foley Artists. So, yo begin, a Foley Artist is someone who works in film port production, that’s after the film has been shot, but while it is being finished; when the special effects are added, the score, edited. A Foley Artist creates the little sounds that help tell the story and create the space and the mood.

The work of a Foley Artist is fascinating and incredibly creative.

This film is a humorous take on the relationship between motion pictures and audio. It shows some creative sound production techniques that are just a little bit out there.

As many  know, the film soundtrack, not to be confused with the score, are usually completely added in after shooting as the result of heavy post production. Being able to control and perfect these ambient audio effects on set during filming is usually far too complicated and therefore require the help of a Foley Artist during post production. When we’ve seen the work of Foley before in behind-the-scenes videos, it has been almost comical in itself seeing the reality of what we are hearing and what we thought we were hearing. This short film is a nod to those seemingly extreme lengths a Foley artist will go to in order to get just the right sound for a project.

It’s great to have the visuals, even if they are so often so completely unexpected and seemingly unrelated.


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