Everybody in the Pool! – Kimpton Makes a Dining Splash

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February 19, 2014
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Everybody in the Pool! – Kimpton Makes a Dining Splash

Kimpton brings a truly unique dining experience to the city overflowing with on trend dining. Pool Farm is a a table in a repurposed roof top pool at Ink48‘s Press Lounge. The Press Lounge is a lovely place to sip a cocktail while overlooking sweeping vistas, and now this roof top oasis is set to eclipse the trendiest of the city roof top lounge trend with its smart dining option.

Views forever - imagine dining here at Magic Hour...

Views forever – imagine dining here at Magic Hour…

Adaptive Re-use works here, with a nod to old.

Adaptive Re-use works here, with a nod to old. No Diving!



From Inhabitat:

Pool Farm takes one of the two pools located on Ink48′s 16th floor and repurposes into a private rooftop garden and dining area. Future Green Studio and Farming Up lined the sunken space with ipe wood decking salvaged from another renovation project, giving it a warm, rustic feel. The wood panels, which were inspired by Japanese sushi mats, also form benches along the sides of the pool for diners to sit. Some elements of the pool, like the blue and white tile and depth warning signs, were kept intact as a fun nod to the space’s original use.

And if a restaurant that used to be a pool still isn’t enough to excite you, Pool Farm throws yet another element into the mix. In addition to being able to eat inside of a pool, diners will also find themselves sitting in the midst of some of the very veggies and herbs they’ll find served on their plates! The restaurant’s chef and professional forager worked directly with the designers to create the optimal planting palette for the rooftop’s edible garden, resulting in fresh produce that is just about as local as one can get.
Another thing to love on my long list of things I love about Kimpton. I am an unabashed fan girl, I wrote a post on a little weekend getaway at INK48 here.

I’m always encouraged when I see boutique chains that have grown considerably hold on to their roots. So many once cool concepts grow and expand into cheesy beigeness and become bland bricko and spray stucco boxes filled with sad people.

Kimpton has grown considerably since I first discovered the Hotel Palomar in DC. They have managed their growth well, as each property is a reflection of the surrounding area, and the Kimpton people are the best. Warm, friendly, well trained hospitality professionals who also know the area pretty well.

Despite the stubborn snow, ice and shoe deadly slush all over the city, Spring is coming. Let’s throw off the puffy coats, mufflers and silly hats and meet for a drink up on the roof.



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