LED vs Incandescent and City Theatrical Dimming…

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July 22, 2013
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August 7, 2013

LED vs Incandescent and City Theatrical Dimming…

BULB2-popup1The debate over the death of incandescent will go on. So will the fight to save incandescent. No one, certainly not I will argue against the delicious character of incandescent light. I do think trying to save incandescent light is a bit of fool’s errand. It ail not be long before there is no economic incentive for the manufacturers to continue to make incandescent products.

And, it’s better for a fragile world, if not design.

I think the fight should be to create the look and feel of incandescent light with other sources. most likely LED. This is also not to say that some designs might not just embrace the LED look, just as some artists and filmmakers have embraced video over the look of traditional film. Others have found ways to get the look of film electronically. Since without the tape, I guess video isn’t really video anymore, without the actual tape and all.

But, as always, I digress.

There are two avenues (probably more, but for the sake of argument here) towards a warmer richer look for LED’s. One is clearly in the development of the light sources themselves, the other (and clearly related) is in dimming and control of LED’s.

City Theatrical, a manufacturer of great, American made, lighting accessories recently announced some great new additions to their product line of low voltage dimmers and  changes to their existing low voltage dimmers. Low voltage dimming has always been used for incandescent lamps in scenery, props, and costumes, and can often be paired with City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX wireless DMX for wireless control and dimming. The real growth in this area today is the dimming of LED tape, which has seen increasing usage in all areas of entertainment design. City Theatrical now has an excellent line of 10 products for lighting professionals, and has rebranded all of their dimmers to make it more logical to choose the right product for the job.

One key to dimming is a smooth curve. That’s what City Theatrical offers.

All of City Theatrical’s low voltage dimmers feature an ultra-smooth dimming curves, especially at the very low end. If you are looking to dim LED tape in front of an audience, this is crucial.

Of course, I do hope someone can create an LED filament. Oh, wait.


  1. Bravo, Kevin, for illuminating the shining truth. While some have been arguing what can’t be done, others are busy doing it. My eyes keep telling me what LEDs can do while my ears are hearing about what they can’t do.