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May 3, 2012
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May 8, 2012

Pantone Chocolate Please

It has been way too long since I’ve indulged in my love of food and drink here on the blog. We’ve been so busy here in the KLAD studio that I haven’t had time to cook, bake or mix up classic cocktails in forever. I do find minutes here and there to read food blogs, and one of my favorites is Griottes, a fun French food blog. I struggle through the text with my very rusty ability to read and speak French, but, as in my world, visuals speak in every language.

So what does a French food blog have to do with Set Design? Here I don’t have to go through a myriad of word contortions to get there, as Emilie has combined two of my passions, food and color. Pantone color. Pantone is the color language I use to speak with my clients, especially creative directors who’s roots are in graphic design.

Enough text, let’s get to the pictures. Using tart shells and various fruits, Emilie has created  dimensional pantone color swatches that really are good enough to eat. If I can find a full day or two to spend in the kitchen, I’m going to work on edible pantone swatches in chocolate and frites.




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