Rob Drawings – You have to love the name, even if autocorrect doesn’t

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December 9, 2015
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December 21, 2015

Rob Drawings – You have to love the name, even if autocorrect doesn’t

Ken Roberts Winner

One f the Drawings submitted in 2015

We do love architect’s drawings. Well, we love the stereotypes. These are some terrific and evocative images.

The KRob (KRobs?) were established in 1974 by the Dallas Chapter of the AIA. The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) was named after architect Ken Roberts, who was apparently famous for his ink perspective drawings. The annual competition is described as the world’s longest running architectural drawing competition of its kind, so it sounds a little like it should be incorporated into Guys & Dolls.

The competition recognizes both hand-drawn and digital architectural drawing. The winners and shortlist each year serve as an inspiring reference for architects, designers, and the public at-large. The image here is the 2015 winner for Best in Category – Professional Hand by Moh’d_Bilbeisi.

The Arch-Daily site is cleaner and easier to navigate than the Dallas AIA site. Pity that.

Pretty strict rules

All entries must be of an architectural nature, and must be authored by one individual. Entries can be elevations, sections, or perspectives, and can be conceptual or final renderings. Exploration and innovation in unique techniques are encouraged. While there is no limit to the number of entries one can submit, submissions awarded in past Ken Roberts competitions are not eligible. Sketchbooks as a whole will not be accepted; a single, clearly marked page within the sketchbook may be entered.

  1. The content of the drawing must be architectural – a space, building, an urban formation and/or a landscape or garden.
  2. Submittals must have been drawn in situ – at the place, in a bound or unbound sketchbook.
  3. Any view, diagram and graphic notation should be clear.
  4. Either a single image or a page combining different views, diagrams and conventions is encouraged.

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