The English Tea Kettle–It’s for Coffee

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March 8, 2013
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March 12, 2013

The English Tea Kettle–It’s for Coffee


It’s a simple choice. These English Tea Kettles boil water faster than anything else. Worth the investment, we’ve had the model designed for an electric stove and the model designed for a gas burner. Of course, gas is better. In either case, the morning hcallenge is to get the beans ground and the coffee service set-up before he water boils.

They last forever and can survive the abuse of a caterer’s kitchen. Just ask Rustic Food.

Visit your local gourmet shop or an independently owned coffee supplier.

12731757391470413303electric water boilerOn the road we’ll likely not have access to a kitchen range. Certainly never at the tech table, but that might be something to consider for the next tech table we have to design. There’s is always, we hope, electrical power. We travel with something like this model seen at left. Of course, it came from our favorite local hardware store, American Royal.

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