Vectorworks for Entertainment Design 2015 Edition

March 30, 2015
Vectorworks Design Summit
April 7, 2015


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My book; Entertainment Design: Scenery, Lighting, and Sound with Vectorworks Spotlight, 4th Edition has been published! This lengthy volumes provides readers with tutorial-based design techniques applicable to film, television, concerts, exhibits and more!

The guide outlines a process for design development and collaboration with other designers and technical staff. Specifically, Entertainment Design explores the creation of scenic, lighting and sound designs for a theoretical Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet. Readers begin by  learning how to model a simple 3D object, and 2D views of the object from the model.

In addition to reflecting the features in Vectorworks 2015 software, the fourth edition of the guidebook will help readers:

  • Use the new Deform tool to bend, taper or create a bulge with practically any geometric object.
  • Create temporary platforms with Stage Deck tools and model supports with Stage Lift tools.
  • Directly edit Lighting Position objects.
  • Work with the new rendering styles, and create your own.
  • Readers will also be introduced to the Vectorworks Remote App, which connects mobile devices to a Vectorworks desktop using a remote connection plug-in. The app allows users to interactively use the device like a remote to view, navigate and present designs without having to be at their desktops.

Don’t believe me? Believe Tom Palmer, partner and creative director at Palmer Schwartz Agency’

Kevin Lee Allen’s books and accompanying tutorials have been tremendously helpful as I transitioned to Vectorworks as my go-to drafting software, I can’t think of a better investment in Vectorworks education than purchasing this training guide.

Entertainment Design is available for only $75 US here.

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