70’s Biker Culture and Design

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May 17, 2012
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70’s Biker Culture and Design

I remember seeing choppers on the road when traveling in the 70’s and I recall discovering Easyriders magazine. I must not go to the right news stand, as I haven’t seen the publication in years. I’m glad it’s still around. I have a painting based on a chrome backrest I saw published. Great set design research for period film.

Still love chrome.

And the detailing and amazing craft skills.

So choppers are still around, but here and here are some terrific images from the 1970’s chopper boom. Likely due to the the film.

I was then more of a van guy, possibly because of the song, possibly because of the airbrushed art. I guess we need to find a photo retrospective of 1970’s vans. I do have a book. And a scanner…


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