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June 10, 2009
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June 12, 2009

An Unusual Living Space

lfgasI have been mentioning unusual living spaces, without illustration.

I never expected to live in a house, although this house is unusual and unique, it came as a shock. We lived in lofts and I had a New York City railroad apartment. I always expected to leave the loft for a free standing sturcture, but I expected it would be an old factory, firehouse, gas station, church or other space not considered a standard home. Something like the former Gulf Station in Little Falls, NJ seen above.

Here is a post about renovating a factory into a home. Excellent design, creating a warm and comfortable home out of a somewhat intimdating industrial building. I like the open feel, the indoor/outdoor rooms, the clean lines and the simple (yet comfortable looking) furniture. The polished concrete floors are, in my opinion, a warm yet high tech detail. It does need a pool  or at least a water feature.


  1. gayle says:

    i still dream of converting odd places into homes … have you seen some of the small old churches that are being converted into living space around engalnd?

  2. kla says:

    I’ve seen churches converted to other uses in upstate NY and Montclair.