Another cool photo from a crappy camera

…to form a more perfect union…
July 5, 2009
Love the line and the contrast
July 7, 2009

Another cool photo from a crappy camera

04_27_02_07_05_17PMThis is a small bar/restaurant in the West Village. Between Seventh Avenue and Bleeker, North of Christopher if I recall correctly. Taken with either an LG camera phone or the camera attachment for my Palm. Less than 1Mp.

Pretty poor ‘quality’ although I love the overall distortion, the colors and the harsh contrast. I would not want to try to blow this up to fit on the side of a bus, but for screen viewing, I like the composition.

Sometimes, not often, the focus should be dead center. I keep looking at this an imaging what would be lost if I had moved that sign left, right, up or down. Every which way, soemthing seems like it would be lost or overly enhanced.

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