June 9, 2009
An Unusual Living Space
June 11, 2009

Architectural Follies

No, this is not a post about a show where there will be dancing architects, all wearing Daniel Libeskind Glasses, and little more… grimace and shudder.

An Architectural Folly is a building built as decoration without any real function of shelter. I first became aware of Follies creating interpretive exhibits for the Montgomery Place historic site in New York’s Hudson Valley. Architect A. J. Davis and Landscape Architect Andrew Jackson Downing moulded a Federal style home into a Classical Revival Mansion with lush landscaping. Around the back and along the high bank of the Hudson River there were several Follies built as places to rest during the morning walk. None are extant, but you can still feel them in the landscape.

A folly is about humor, NOT mistakes. They are intentional. They draw attention to themselves and likely tell a story.

In any even, I like Follies and I like unusual living spaces. I found this. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

In their own way, much of what we design and build are their own type of Folly.


  1. rich mcmahon says:

    Cool. Must be interesting places in a thunderstorm.
    How about this, the Klein bottle house?

  2. kla says:

    very cool, I think yours would remain dry.