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August 2, 2011
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August 16, 2011

Attack of the Killer Roof

Its really hard not to love a beach house. A house! By the beach! What’s not to love, right? Well, I have found a house that, well, since this is a design blog and not a random rant blog, let’s just say I’m not enamored with this design choice and leave it at that.

Let’s start with what’s good – lots of lightness, whiteness and glass. A gorgeous deck that provides stunning views. Clean, minimalist interior. Love this part, we’re here for the beach, not the chotchkies.

But, I just cannot get past this jarring, crushing roof. Why, why, why did the architects decide to smoosh this potentially lovely house with this monstrous scary top?

Florida Beach House by Iredale Pedersen Hook

WE NEED BIGGER GABLES! That's the ticket.

Florida Beach House by Iredale Pedersen Hook

Oh my, a strip mall on the beach - So conveinient

more at Dezeen – I love you guys, I do.


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