They Named This IPA For Me!
June 11, 2010
Is it art or is it set design?
June 21, 2010

Concrete Goodness

I kind of love concrete. We don’t often get to work with concrete in set design, but we can fake it.

No fakery in this house. What a great and warm getaway space. It could be a full time home. I think I may have blogged about Argentinian BAK Arquitectos before. The BAK site would be better without the Flash content. The comment about building without removing trees is familiar.

I love the warm light and wood against the cool grays. I love the different textures of the concrete. I have always been a fan of polished concrete floors. The intersecting planes of the structure and the fenestration make these spaces very dynamic to my eye.

Someday, I may be able to use this house as inspiration for our own escape. In the meantime, I imagine those intersecti g forms will show up in a set design or three. The concrete on stage, I wish I had a photo of the Broadway Production of Wally’s Cafe circa 1981. Stuart Wurtzel’s design.

I like the idea of building around trees. I have this vision for an indoor pool attached to our home…

Design You Trust and Wanken beat me to this post. The details are there.

–Kevin Lee Allen

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