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March 16, 2016
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March 24, 2016

Curves are Sexy

elizabeth-quay-bridgewell, duh. Of course, Curves are Sexy, and nothing proves that truism like this bridge in Perth, Australia. Especially at night. Especially when well lit. Although this could also be an homage to the great Oscar Niemeyer, the double entendres will never end.

Not in this post anyway.

The Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge was designed by Arup Associates along with Arup Engineering. Arup is a British multinational professional services firm that provides engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting services for all aspects of the built environment, centered around human health and wellbeing. While that might sound like a load of corporate speak, this bridge and some of their other work sure is pretty.

It’s not really a concept, but Arup states:

Our concept for the form of the bridge was driven by a desire to have a simple and iconic form that respected the existing master plan for the Quay and ensured that full advantage was taken of the prominent location of the bridge within the city. 

elizabeth-quay-bridgeThey really need to read up on Niemeyer. Their vision would be so much clearer.

The curved forms allow the deck to change levels and ferries to pass beneath the pedestrian/bicycle walkway. Looks like a lovely stroll, about the length of a football filed. American football that is.

I have never had the reason to believe that Niemeyer was arrogant. Not like these guys anyway, but I think the Master would have approved.

Those gentle curves, the light and shadow, the views. these are all sexy. We need more than a little sexy in our public structures. the world is too harsh.

As Niemeyer said so succinctly;

I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein.

Itamaraty-Palace-by-Oscar-NiemeyerSo, this bridge is pretty nice idea, and it is pretty well executed. It’s not an original idea, but a nice interpretation.

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