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April 7, 2009
A great place, RIP the sign
April 8, 2009

Does this look dirty?

DullesNo, not like it needs to be cleaned, dirty dirty. The image was shot from a moving cab on a rainy day, so there is a little bit of ‘dirt’ in the way of raindrops on the window.

Somewhat PhotoShop enhanced.

This is an image of the main terminal at Dulles International Airport (Chantilly VA) designed by the eminent Eero Saarinen. The detail shows the connection of the piers to the hanging canopy of the concrete structure.

We love Saarinen.

Eero Saarinen was born in Kirkkonummi, Finland in 1910. He studied in Paris and at Yale, and then joined his father’s Eliel Saarinen) practice. Eero initially pursued sculpture and after a year in art school, decided to become an architect instead. His work shows a relation to sculpture.

Saarinen developed a remarkable range which depended on color, form and materials. Saarinen depended upon innovative structures and sculptural forms, but not at the cost of pragmatic considerations. He easily moved back and forth between the International Style and Expressionism, utilizing a vocabulary of curves and cantilevered forms.

Saarinen died in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1961.

Other great structures include; The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, a competition he won over many other architects, including his father; The TWA (now Jet Blue) Terminal at JFK Airport in NYC, The Kresge Auditorium at Cambridge MA and the GM Technical Center.

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