Faber-Castell; who knew?
November 30, 2009
December 3, 2009

Engawa what?

Sebastian_Mariscal5As set designers, we constantly research many different things. We have a need and a passion for keeping up with trends and ideas. When working on a musuem exhibit, we need to the learn the story so that we can retell and explain.

When designing news sets for television, we need to be familiar with the audience, perhaps a specific location and trends in design. We are always looking for and developing new ideas.

We have strong backgrounds in architectural history. I know a Peristyle from a Florida Room. This is not a true architectural Florida room, but why not? Our knowledge is rooted, primarily in Western Civilization, that is where we live and work.

The other day, I saw this post about a new sustainable home in Japan that included a once traditional feature – the Engawa; a transitional space between the interior and exterior of the structure. A cool thing to have. And I leaned a new word.

Learning is always good. Check out the post, the building is lovely.

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