Experience Design is creating the overall experience

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February 1, 2016
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February 5, 2016

Experience Design is creating the overall experience

Life is all about experiences and Experience Design. At KLAD, we create experiences by design every day. Whether that is a film project, a theatrical event, or a corporate activation, we tell stories that people can see, hear, touch and remember.

So, what do we think about, you might ask? He are a few things we constantly consider, you might notice these themes run through the general narrative of this blog. Funny that.

Experience Design Experience Design Welcomes Change

The world continually evolves, or it stops dead.

We work, create, and experience a perpetually shifting landscape. The environments we create and the happenings we create within and around those environments must be able to grow and change as well. Experiences are most celebrated when they enable the guests to make the experience their own.

Embrace the new, show reverence for the old and the established.

Show no fear.

Experience DesignExperience Designs build from  local sources

This is not just about vegetables.

The Pro from Dover might be a great person, and a huge talent, but what talent is there in the local area, what materials are manufactured locally? How many small businesses  or entrepreneurs can be brought into a project?

Collaboration is key. Shopping local and working with small businesses drives local economic engines and success.

Small can be better. Make the experience relate to the individual, make the experience about the guest.

Embrace the community and bring them onboard. Projects, neighborhoods, and cities get their character from the local community, and the locals.

Experience DesignExperience Design Creates Connections

Sure, we all love our social media, and we all love long distance connections, but face time is still the best way to get to know one another. We love to share our experiences with our wider audience.

That said, in the end, the best connections are experiences. Tangible experiences we have our selves, or with a small group. Hands-on is the best of all inter-activity.

Many of our interactions are facilitated through our devices, that’s great for sharing, but sharing is a secondary experience. Any activation must encourage direct, live, social  connections.

Experience DesignMinimize

This does not mean living without a car, or with less than 100 things. Simplify the story to make the best connection.

Minimize any confusion or distractions, they take away from the experience, they can clutter the story and distract from the core message.

As a more mindful generation of consumers focuses on the environment and supporting local businesses, people are minimizing the number of products they purchase and consume. In turn, we create more unique and authentic experiences that stimulate more tightly knit communities, awareness of resources, and the environment.

Now, this isn’t a direct path from an idea, or to an idea, but it’s a good broad overview. We are constantly working to hone our skills and refine our messages to create meaningful experiences for our client’s audiences.

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