I hate this, but there is something(s) to love

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September 8, 2009
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September 10, 2009

I hate this, but there is something(s) to love

Blairgowrie-1-1My immediate and concluding reaction to this house is that it looks like the kitchen sink after a big dinner. With friends, who drink.

This is The Blairgowrie Court residence in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. Designed (I would say over-designed) by Australian architect Frank Macchia, if you like this architectural eye candy, it can be yours as it’s currently for sale.

It seems a bit much, to my eye.

We found this structure at Home Design Find.

Blairgowrie-2I was intrigued by this detail; the curvilinear wall bisecting the primarily rectilinear geometry of the basic structure. And as they say on the various home shows on TV; it has a water feature! Although the pool is a bit on the narrow side if you want to do anything but laps.

This is typical of my issue with everything ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ in our current culture. What ever happened to discretion and selection. This house has everything thrown at the design. Not that I have any objection to opulence, but where on earth do you look? Simultaneously, everything is bland. Where is the color or the focus. Again, thinking of the television home shows, this looks like a house that was going to make a statement, but at the last minute decided to go beige so the NEXT owner would not have to worry if their existing furniture would ‘go’ in the new house.

Blairgowrie-6I do love the way the floating ceilings of different heights define areas within the open space.

If you would like to read nice things about this building, go to the post at Home Design Find.

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