It is always ALL about the details…

Heaven on Earth is a vibrant urban area.
September 7, 2010
Today-Evil Clowns. Tomorrow-#Vectorworks
September 13, 2010

It is always ALL about the details…

When I first studied the History of Architecture and Decor as a set design student, my class would take any opportunity to go into New York City and use any walk as an architectural scavenger hunt. I still do this. Apparently, I am not alone.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has a post today picking out some buildings that have a bee motif incorporated into the design. A surprising number.

Bees are but one motif that can be seen walking around city buildings large and small. Other animals, fruits and vegetables abound and delight the eye of the observant viewer. These are the details that add richness to selecting a location. The lack of these details is a give-away or ‘tell‘ to film and television productions set in NYC, but NOT shot in New York.

Also fascinating in Manhattan and Brooklyn are the array of stylistic influences available to be seen, used as locations or incorporated into set design. On any street Byzantine, Renaissance and other styles are often adjacent. At least in Revival.

Perfect for a game of “Name that Style.”

–Kevin Lee Allen

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