It’s a Blog! It’s a Party! It’s a Blog Party!

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December 9, 2009
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December 18, 2009

It’s a Blog! It’s a Party! It’s a Blog Party!


Last Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend producer Ken Davenport’s 2nd Annual Blog Holiday Party. I’m not sure how many people were mingling in the upstairs space at Hurley’s Saloon on 48th Street, but it was full of professionals and theatre goers. Mostly professionals it would seem.

Crowded, but it did not feel crowded. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, especially when Ken gave away a slew of door prizes. Original Cast Recordings, dinners, theatre tickets and a Kindle. I was the lucky recipient of the Kindle and will be blogging about that soon enough.

Ken is a tech savvy producer who looks for unique marketing solutions combining online social networking and in person social networking. Along those lines, he created Ken is currently producing; Altar Boyz, My First Time, Oleanna and The Awesome 80’s Prom. He is also responsible for the recent revival of Blythe Spirit (I love Noel Coward) and You’re Welcome America. I think his obvious good taste serves as enough endorsement for any of his productions.

Ken is also the General Manager of Avenue Q off-Broadway. My former student Michael Goodmark is the dresser. I thought is appropriate that while Michael was working, I was at a party with his boss. I didn’t get the sense Michael agreed.

At the party I ran into producer Michael Roderick, who I always seem to see first when we’re both at the same event. Always a pleasure.

I met a number of great people, in the photo above (from left); John Shorter, director, producer and writer Steve Wargo and the multi-talented Kathleen Wallace. Kathleen is channeling Carol Merrill.

I also met writer Uke Jackson, an interesting guy whose stuff I need to see, critic Oscar Moore and film maker Joshua Bryce Newman who has one terrific business card. And Ken’s GREAT staff!

Gotta love the holidays!


  1. Jolene says:

    Sounds like a blast. Nothing’s more fun than a well-thrown party!