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August 22, 2009
Book Review – “3D Modeling in Vectorworks 2009”
August 24, 2009

Just a magnificent home

3846168419_3052a3cf8aForrest Residence, West Vancouver, 1964,Thompson Berwick and Pratt, Ron Thom and Dick Mann Designers, 1962-1963. Photo by Selwyn Pullan originally posted in the Ouno Design Blog. A must visit for a great aesthetic.

We love this design, there is a tension and a harmony between the structure and the environment. You really have to look at the larger image. Th thumbnail does no justice. The interior spaces can be imagined to be very dramatic with the post and beam structure and soaring ceilings open to the rooflines. The views.

The overlapping rooflines are at once clean, modern and clearly man made. At the same time, there is a suggestion of metaphor. They are like the leaves of tress in the forest. A nouveau Art Nouveau. The solid core, which we imagine houses functional space and private area like the bath(s?), is either tree trunk or the pin of hinge. It almost appears that the roof lines could spin around that fulcrum.

All perched on a slab of rock.

Appears to be a great overall composition. We so want to see more of this home.

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