Love the line and the contrast

Another cool photo from a crappy camera
July 6, 2009
Perhaps I look at the 70’s through rose colored glasses
July 8, 2009

Love the line and the contrast

canopyGas stations were once wonderful things. That is, I guess before they were all corporate branding statements. Usually BORING corporate branding statement. Once upon a time, gas stations were statements made by individuals, before they were called entrepreneurs.

Of course there were likely lots of boring entrepreneurs.

I love the line of this canopy. I love the light and dark of the composition. A perfect example of artistry over reality.

Florescent light never looks this good. The image must be filtered or PhotoShoped to offer that warn glow. The time of day perfectly chosen to provide the right value contrast between the sky and the artificial light, as well as the color contrast between the same.

The contrast and the forms distract from the imperfect selection of cars at the pumps. You almost don’t even notice the orange cones.

At least they thought to do a wet down ore perhaps the weather just conincidently cooperated.

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