Maybe too much is, well, too much

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April 5, 2010
There is nothing like a little 60’s Spy Production Design
April 9, 2010

Maybe too much is, well, too much

Wilt Chamberlin’s 1970’s modernist home, “Ursa Major,”  has been blogged about quite a bit lately. I’ll just link to this Midcentury Architecture post for all the visuals you might need.

We love this and we hate it. It is so wrong, yet… every detail is compelling. In some way.  Every room is an amazing space. The decor is over the top.

It does seem to be the perfect physical sttucture for Wilt the Stilt.

Check it out.

Your thoughts?


  1. Uke Jackson says:

    Wilt’s record makes Tiger look like a piker ;0