Modernist Design Master: Catalano
January 29, 2010
8 Basic Vectorworks Layers
February 10, 2010

More than 70 Concept Cars

But why do none of these fly?

Concept cars, like Haute Couture allow designers’ imaginations to soar, even if four wheels are required on the ground. It is interesting to see the influence of set design on industrial design. Many of these vehicles and some current production vehicles all conjure images of Tim Burton/Anton Furst’s Batmobile. Some are just fun. I don’t think I chose the best image here, but I was looking for something that WordPress would crop nicely. Check them all out.

It is interesting to see the evolution of concepts, like these by the great Harvey Earle. Who knows what we will be driving in the future? In the 50’s concept cars evoked optimism, these current cars seem mostly to be influenced by the idea of defensive driving. I like to drive, but I also look forward to mass-transit concepts.

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