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August 21, 2009
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August 23, 2009

NYC Summer Streets

Last weekend, we had a quick NYC get-away. We stayed at the 70 Park Avenue Hotel; an outpost of our favorite Kimpton chain. The Hotel is on Park at 38th Street, just a few blocks from Grand Central. A perfectly quiet and elegant neighborhood.

We were close to the Morgan Library and Scandinavia House which were part of our agenda.

One thing that was not on our agenda was the surprise that awaited us when we went out on Saturday morning for coffee and to walk Sophia (our Bichon Francese); Park Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic and filled with walkers, runners and cyclists. We do wish we had brought our bikes.

We did not know that this was part of a program called NYC Summer Streets. Inhabitant has a post on the program today. If you can get out and enjoy Park Avenue like this for the last time this summer.

Urban Planning is a design discipline that we find important and compelling. This effort to make “the mean streets” of New York a bit more friendly is most welcome.

Special thanks to 70 Park for Sophia’s terrific welcome package. There is nothing like a dog-friendly hotel and a not-to-spoiled puppy.


  1. Chris Klug says:

    See, now, after you said ‘filled with walkers, runners, and cyclists’ the only thing I thought of was whether you had a camera. Wish I was there. Hope to see you soon; maybe I can stay at that hotel when I make the trip up!

  2. kla says:

    no camera, and not really ready to focus (pre-coffee) when we first encountered. Our plans, vague as they were, took us pretty far from Park for the rest of the day.

    Those Photo Ops exist every day in the city, the park that runs up the West side is amazing. Central Park, Prospect Park. Washington Square has been recently renovated. The Green Market at Union Square.

    If you can stay in one of the Kimpton properties when you come, that would be terrific. I believe they are opening one in Hell’s Kitchen; called Ink 48. In an old ink factory. 49th and 11th Avenue. Hell’s Kitchen is a great neighborhood. We’re looking forward to a grand opening special.

    Kimpton has a downtown property which I don’t know and The Muse on 46th just off Times Square. The Muse is very cool, but a little too close to The Bow tie for our taste.