Of course subway stations are cool…

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May 24, 2011
Memorial Day
May 29, 2011

Of course subway stations are cool…

…and not just as set designs for James Bond movies.

This one, at left could be the Gates of Hell. Or the entry to one of the Bond villain’s lairs. Or the Stockholm subway. More than makes braving the cold worth the trip, I would think.

The New York City Subway is terrific, but it wasn’t always special to me. It was just there. One bit of trivia; the original tile patterns and mosaics were designed so that non English speaking immigrants could find there stops or describe their stop to a friend. Amazing artwork. Artwork that survived the city in the 70’s when the subway stations and trains were in disarray. That disarray was and is cool in and of itself.

The first subway station I noticed was the DC Metro. Incredibly cool 70’s modern spaces.

Growing up in the suburbs, we appreciate mass transportation. Wherever we go, we look to see and experience the subways and trains. We find a bit of romance in all kinds of train travel. Apparently we are not alone in these feelings.

And I could go on about the design of subway maps. Perhaps that will be another post.

—Kevin Lee Allen


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