Preserving the Design Future

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February 12, 2010
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February 16, 2010

Preserving the Design Future

Fans of Mid-Century modern architecture got a shot in the arm last week as the Los Angeles City Council designated a tract of homes in Granada Hills as a preservation zone.

This is exciting and significant, especially to us modernist building huggers. For preservationists like me who are affectionados of modern architecture, sometimes convincing local and state governments to consider structures that don’t look like Disneyesque Victoriana for preservation status is nearly impossible. We modern preservationists are often ignored “cause that stuff’s not historic – its ugly”

Well, today, I get a moment of hope and happiness. Finally, a tract of Eichler homes has been designated historic.

From The LA Times Blog:

“This is very significant,” Ken Bernstein, director of the city Office of Historic Resources, told the Daily News. “Balboa Highlands is the first Valley postwar neighborhood to achieve historic district status…. It is, in many ways, a coming of age in the Valley.”

LA has been modern architecture mecca for many years, now future modernists will be able to study and enjoy these wonderful sturctures for many years to come.

I’m hoping that the rest of the country will now pay more attention to their own modern treasures and step up their preservation efforts before we lose more significant architecture.


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