Someone said the ceiling should be white?

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January 16, 2012
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January 20, 2012

Someone said the ceiling should be white?

I like the Houzz site, but all too often it seems to exist to sell the obvious to the oblivious. Apparently, it is a revelation that ceilings do not have to be painted white. I suppose this would be Set Design 101, but maybe the idea isn’t covered during Interior Design school?

According to the author of this post, ceilings don’t have to be white, but you seem to generally require some out of proportion crown moulding, painted white, of course, to delineate the color of the walls and color of the ceiling. Kinda limiting.

Maybe it’s a Portlandia thing?

We have some white ceilings, we have some gray ceilings, we have some blue ceilings. We’ve done other options in other places and for other clients. Whatever works, just don’t be limited. And don’t be shocked when a stereotype gets blown up.

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