The Blog and the Facebook Page

The Brothers Hildebrandt
August 31, 2010
Heaven on Earth is a vibrant urban area.
September 7, 2010

The Blog and the Facebook Page

Sometimes we find interesting things that are really well presented on other blogs. Somethings we find interesting things that don’t quite require an in-depth look. Sometimes we blog about something and then others also blog about the same or a similar idea.

We needed a place post a fair number (hopefully not too many) links to interesting information.

So we have the Kevin Lee Allen Design Facebook Page. Yesterday we added a bit of code to the right sidebar here that makes it easy to ‘like’ Kevin Lee Allen Design on Facebook. You have to scroll down past the links, the blog roll and various search functions to find the Facebook box, but it is there. You can ‘like’ us from here or click the link above to go to the Facebook page.

Check it out! look forward to ‘seeing’ you on Facebook.

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