The Joy of Vectorworks Plug In Objects

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January 22, 2015
2015 – The International Year of Light
January 30, 2015

The Joy of Vectorworks Plug In Objects

Joshua Benghiat is both a talented Lighting Designer and a talented Vectorworks programmer. His  Light Pipe Tools and the Instrument Summary Tool are included in the Spotlight module.

That does not mean Josh is done. Amongst other PIOs, he offers the Savvy Sequencer PIO and the Beam Draw 4 PIO.

Whatever the venue, there are always lots of objects to track when lighting and staging an event. Savvy Sequencer adds sequential text labels or data entries to selected objects, based on their screen arrangement. The Sequencer works with existing text objects or can create new text objects, look within groups for text, and apply dates to either attached record or plug-in parameter fields. Sequences can be numeric or alphabetic, start at any point, have any increment, and include leading or trailing text. The sort order can be as a linear or rectangular array or traverse objects in a circle.

So, Savvy Sequencer can easily add sequential text labels or data entries to objects like fixtures, seats, and technical equipment based on their screen arrangement.

The nice thing about Vectorworks PIOs is that they can be created by colleagues who know our challenges, and save time in drafting and documentation.

Beam Draw 4 is any Lighting Designer’s complete solution to pre visualize the plot will. Beam Draw can quickly and easily help to determine positions, field angles, and focus points for Spotlight Lighting Devices.

This is the functionality of Vectorworks Spotlight on steroids!

_MG_4753Snow days are for learning new stuff.

This post obviously needs a picture, so at left we have the lovely and talented Haley Swindal performing at 54 Below. Lighting by KLAD.

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