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July 14, 2009
Julius Shulman
July 17, 2009

The Painters’ Magic Touch

IMGP4403Shop visits are popular with KLAD and they seem very popular with our blog readers. We recently posted a bit of this set for The Teaching Company, but we did not reveal any details or the client. Even though this set will not reach The Teaching Company customers for some time, they have given us permission to premiere some of the new look here.

We’ll do that a little at a time.

IMGP4402First, we’ll take one more visit to the shop; Gotham Scenic. Last time, we focused on the craftsmanship of the carpenters and the engineers, this time Charge Scenic Tom Glisson and  Scenic Artist Michelle Mackey.

There is nothing like the finishes provided by the skilled artists of the United Scenic Artists Local 829. This beautiful warm oak finish has great depth and looks great on camera. Michelle and Tom applied layers of stain, gradually warming the color to achieve that depth. Overtop, several layers of gloss varnish. This is not just scenery, this is a finish fit for a board room.

Tom was the perfect artist for this project which included some faux stained glass. Amongst other artistic pursuits, in his spare time, Tom actually makes and repairs stained glass. Stained glass in an integral part of restoring churches.

IMGP4389At KLAD, our success is not something for which we can take sole credit. Our success and our clients’ success is dependent upon the skill and talent of the many people it takes to execute our ideas. We thank them and salute them.

Sometime soon, we have discussed and agreed with Tom and Michelle, we need to find a project where we can step away from all this good taste and do something really, really, super tacky. We have a great source for Glitter Paint.

for this project we were able to collaborate with our old friends at PPI, Gotham Scenic and Shadowstone Lighting. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to work with them and our new friends at The Teaching Company.


  1. Todd says:

    Hey Kevin, just an FYI, the first two courses with the new set have hit the market. One is a high school course (algebra II, I believe), the other is called Before 1776: Life in the American Colonies.

    The set looks great on camera!

  2. kla says:

    Thanks, Todd, glad it is working well for you. BTW, your site is really handsome, lots of great information! We’ll look forward to seeing the new Teaching Company Product.