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January 7, 2010
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January 14, 2010

This might help in Haiti

Design is all about looking at things from all angles and developing solutions to problems. Sometimes that problem is as simple as ‘make this pretty.’ Other times the problem is more complex; like we need shelter for millions of people, stat!

One component in OUR arsenal is the research we discuss all the time. One component of that research is looking at and for new materials. One of those nproducts is this concrete cloth;  a durable waterproof building material made of cement sandwiched between fabric. The material can be molded into any shape when water is added and it takes just two hours to set!

We first learned about this fabric at Inhabitant and thought of it today as our hearts went out to the victims of the earthquake. Now, if only the weather would clear in the UK so the relief flights can take off safely.

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