Vectorworks 2015 has been announced!

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September 4, 2014
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September 17, 2014

Vectorworks 2015 has been announced!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.17.31 AMVectorworks is now a 64-bit application, the increase in speed, especially rendering speed is amazing and worthy of the price of admission alone!

Vectorworks 2015 builds on the Vectorworks Graphics Module, which provides a revolutionary graphic experience.

New Stage Decking Objects Create all the many variations of stairs, platforms, and ramps commonly used in temporary staging construction, complete with details like edging, legs, bracing, and casters. Modeling supports for speakers, trusses, and other stage equipment with precision is quick and easy with the new, adjustable-height Stage Lift object.

Improvements to the Speaker Objects make floor-mounted and horizontal speaker rigs simple with additional mounting and orientation options in the OIP.

The Video Screen, Blended Screen, Blended Projector, Television, and LED Screen objects have been enhanced with new screen options and greater control over a screen’s borders and mounting, including rising from the deck.

Label Legends are now flip-aware. Eliminating the need to create multiple variations of the same label.

The Lighting Position object now uses the position model geometry directly, eliminating the need to create a symbol first and navigate your way back to the symbol to edit the position geometry.

The Lighting Position trim height can now be displayed as a heading in an associated instrument summary.

The Soft Goods object; the Beam Angle, Field Angle, and Centerline of the Lighting Device; and the Video, Blended, Blended Projector, Television, and LED Screens, all have added functionality so that users can control the visibility and look of each element individually and by class.

3D Hatching for Hidden Line Rendering Textures are now linked with planar hatching. This means you can render in hidden line mode and reveal a simple hatch on your textured wall. The work flow for creating elevations has been transformed with updated textures in Renderworks that now include a hatch that matches each image-based texture.

Renderworks Style Artistic Edges Stylize renderings and take the hand drawn appearance look to new heights! Overlay interesting artistic edge effects on top of a realistic-shaded Renderworks rendering.

VWX 2015 eliminates the need to edit PDFs prior to import. Crop them within Vectorworks software. Take advantage of the option to enable/disable snapping for PDF page objects. Reduce required steps and export files directly into PDF/A format.

Improved SketchUp support includes the import of textures.

Robust support for exporting STL files, making workflows with 3D printing even smoother with less effort.

The Deform Tool dramatically improves the direct modeling capabilities of Vectorworks, allowing bending, taper, twist or bulging practically any geometric object, making the possibilities of annoying carpenters endless!

Curtain Walls in the Designer or architect package allow for the rapid creation of event spaces or poorly designed theatre spaces. Use the Softgood Objects to mask those windows!

The new Vectorworks Remote App connects mobile devices to the Vectorworks desktop, using a remote connection plug-in. When using the app, you can interactively use the device as a remote control to view, navigate, and present designs without having to be at your desktop. This is great for group reviews and presentations. The app is also great for navigating a file when designing.

The official Vectorworks 2015 site is at The site is live now with an introduction video, more info will be added on September 16.

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