What can YOU do with Vectorworks?

Published! Vectorworks for Entertainment Design by Kevin Lee Allen
October 21, 2014
Camera Match Plug-In for Vectorworks
November 14, 2014

What can YOU do with Vectorworks?

LysistrataWell, this. If you buy my new book and work your way through, of course. Be sure to click on the image so you see the stage right downlight.

We do love our haze. Simply known as Fog in Vectorworks. One of the little things that make a rendering special.

As set and lighting designers we love revisualization. Don’t get me wrong, ultimately, the drafting is critical, that’s where the final communication to the crafts happens. But the renderings, thats where ideas are initially communicated with colleagues and collaborators.

In school we were taught, and everyone should have been taught, that the drawings, renderings, and models created to illustrate ideas must be accurate and precise. You can’t show a director yellow light and then use a whole lot of R34. That’s a recipe for a very sad tech.

Focal-VWX-CoverIt does not matter what medium a designer uses; pencils, watercolors, or Vectorworks, the point is always the same; accuracy and clarity. That’s the point of Vectorworks for Entertainment Design. The print and digital versions are available at The Drama Book Shop, and from Apple for iBooks, and other digital formats.

Hmmmm, isn’t it getting towards Holiday gift giving time?

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