Where to begin?

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October 31, 2009
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November 1, 2009

Where to begin?

IMGP4620There is just so much going on here.

This is the home/office of a dentist about a click from our studio. Every suburb has one of these guys, although I think it is a bit unusual for a dentist. I imagine this is where his advertising budget goes every year. This home/office is located on a quasi major road and has a corner lot.

I do love what I see as the sheer evil of a Dentist pimping for Halloween and other candy driven holidays.

IMGP4619Sometime in September the Halloween gear starts to show up and slowly over a few weeks it turns into what you see in these images. Today, the transition to Thanksgiving is likely beginning. Thanksgiving/Christmas happens at about the same time as Christmas puts Halloween to shame. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter follow. He concludes his season with a more subtle tribute to Memorial Day/July Fourth.

Of course each holiday the place is jammed. At Christmas, we typically have to route our paths to avoid this place for a week or so around the actual holiday.

I’m sure this is terrific advertising and/or that this works feeds something in the owner, but a little design and some discretion could go a long way. Is this the right design/composition message to send to the visitors?

IMGP4618Clearly this guy has invested some money here. I can only wonder and marvel at what I expect his electric bills might be during high seasons. But, money does not buy taste. That much should be obvious. I will not say that my pix, grabbed on a drive by are any great art, but they do record the madness.

I would love to see this done with taste and discretion. I would rather see less stuff. Better stuff. Maybe a bit of composition, a little bit of focus, an effort to move the eye about. As currently executed, not so much. Design is everywhere around us, it is always a pity when we have too many examples of bad design.

Morris Lapidus said “Too much is never enough,” he didn’t see this house. And Morris Lapidus had great taste; clearly someone I should do a post or three about.

Is this the result of too little art education in grammar schools?IMGP4616


  1. OvertheTop says:

    Love that house and all of the effort it takes! We go there every year, Christmas too, for the fantastic display. I’d love to know what his electric bill is!