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September 7, 2009
What is Modernism?
September 8, 2009

Whither Ridgewood?

07towns.inline.650The New York Times reports today that there is a movement in Ridgewood, NJ to plow away their historic watering hole and replace it with a sterile pool.

I’ve never been to the Graydon Pool or the Graydon Park, but we have driven by on many occasions. Downtown Ridgewood is the home to several nice restaurants and stores. The residential neighborhoods seem lovely.  Maybe not for long, I suppose if they are willing to destroy this asset, there will be little to stop destruction of other charms.

Apparently Graydon Pool isn’t concrete and painted blue. It is somewhat actually natural. Now while I don’t think that some of the concerns are real, we live in a plastic society and I think natural is a good thing. I am sure that there are other ways to ‘modernize’ Graydon Pool without a plow and a bunch of concrete trucks.

The people of the Preserve Graydon Coalition apparently agree. We wish them success.

pool6_smallMaybe it is a ‘Ridge’ thing. Our neighbors in Glen Ridge NJ built this less than inspiring public place a mere couple of years ago. Pity the trees. The trees that were around this location. Who needs shade?


  1. Since July 2009, our group, the Preserve Graydon Coalition, has made tremendous strides in keeping our lake a lake. Many articles, linked from our website, have appeared about our struggle. Two candidates for our Village Council who ran partly on the platform of preserving Graydon won in a landslide on May 11. On May 18, the independent, nonprofit group Preservation New Jersey placed Graydon on its list of this year’s 10 Most Endangered Historic Sites in New Jersey, subsequent to our application in November 2009. The Bergen Record quickly ran an editorial that concluded, “Preserve Graydon Pool.” Details of recent events are available in our latest e-announcement at http://www.preservegraydon.org/newsletters/25may2010-awesome-weeks (or see link from home page at http://www.preservegraydon.org). Those interested are invited to sign up for our email list. We are looking forward to opening weekend on June 5-6 and have many plans to improve and enhance our beloved summer community gathering spot.