We are experiential storytellers.

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KLAD is a set and lighting design firm that creates dynamic visual and sensory solutions for our clients, illuminating messages through the crafting of vibrant environments and experiences. We create set design and lighting designs for theatre, television, film, and live entertainment. We design and create corporate and museum exhibits, themed environments, special events, and environs that defy standard definition.

With reverence for the past, we keep with the pulse of constantly changing trends, and have a keen eye for new, interesting concepts. We are technical magicians.

From ideation to completion, KLAD designers think conceptually, communicate, and translate visions and ideas into physical realities; within budgets. Decisive, detail oriented, and quick witted, we provide leadership in creative development, from pre-production through post-production.

KLAD delivers elegance with efficiency.

Our online portfolio features select samples of our vision, abilities, and inventive approach. We invite you to browse through, and hope the perusal of solutions we’ve created for other clients inspires you to place your project in our creative and capable hands.

We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you meet your goals!

We are:

Kathleen McDonough



Kevin Lee Allen